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At Dorner, we put a lot of focus into making sure our conveyors will stay up and running at our customer's facilities. But, how can conveyors help reduce downtime when other equipment in a facility isn't functioning? A flexible conveyor system can allow manufacturers to quickly adapt to unplanned events and keep their products moving. In this recent application, the system is moving polymer blocks to a grinder. The system has three product inputs leading into the conveyor system and three product outputs to grinders.

What makes this system unique, is the ability for any of the product inputs to lead to any one of the grinders. This means that in the event that one of the grinders or other downstream equipment is not functioning or is already full, the product can be re-routed to a currently operational grinder.

Content provided by Dorner

How Custom Conveyor Systems Can Reduce Downtime
Image by Minkus


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